We Specialize in Premier Hot dogs from the North, South, East, West and  in between.

Please check back often for our expanding catering menu choices.

Specialty Hot Dog Menu

All American Grab & Go Dog

1/4 pound all beef dog, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish & onion on a toasted bun.

Southwest Sonoran Dog

1/4 pound all beef dog, beans, bacon, diced tomatoes, onion, avocado & sour cream on a bolillo roll.

North Eastern Chicago Dog

1/4 pound all beef dog, relish, pickles, peppers, onions & mustard on a toasted sesame bun.

Western Cowboy Dog

1/4 pound all beef dog, coke onions, bacon bits, BBQ sauce & cheddar cheese on a premium bun.

Eastern Coney Dog

1/4 pound all beef dog, chili, cheese, white onion & mustard on a premium bun.

Midwest Sauerkraut Dog

1/4 pound all beef dog, special made sauerkraut on a toasted bun.

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